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Exterior Design and Home Improvement

Home improvement can be scary. If you are a home owner (new home OR older home) you probably know how many things can go wrong when fixing, building, or adding to an existing structure. Once you tear into the existing structure of a home you are immediately exposing yourself to the the problem of old out dated and under code materials.

Not only do you have to replace and update the existing materials but they also have to connect and properly mesh with new high end quality products. As if this isn’t hard enough, making it all look and feel exactly like you want it to adds greatly to the complexity of any home improvement project.

To tackle Home improvement projects:

In the past, you may have decided to take on home improvement projects yourself and found the project overwhelming and quickly exhausting your time, energy, and money.

Or you may hire “fly by night” home improvement contractors who show up and leave before your concerns are adequately addressed, and without warranties or additional services when things break or are not properly installed.

Oftentimes, home owners hire notarized local home improvement companies at outrages mark up prices who continually add to the cost of the project, offer no personalized services and do not even come see if the project was finished correctly.

Depending on the project, Home Improvement can end up being a lot like event planning. And if your not careful, you can miss very important steps along the way. Everything from foundation, to plumbing, to electricity, to drying walling and framing, to roofs, windows, flooring, cabinetry, and design work needs to be well throughout and coordinator and installed. Problems along the way can cause long term serious damage to your home.

No one ever said home improvement is easy. In fact, quality home improvement takes times, thoughts, and often issues present themselves that add to the original estimated price of improvement.

MATERIALS DIRECT USA believes strongly that there are affordable options for home owners for quality home improvement products at low cost.

After much research, time, and experience, Materials Direct USA has come up with a balanced solution to home improvement. When it comes to home improvement we believe no one should have to sacrifice expectations or desires. It is your home after all. Choosing the right home improvement company can depend upon a lot of things. But your personal request should come first. We are not saying we are the right choice for you, but we believe we offer the perfect balance between price and quality.

Materials Direct is able to provide you the highest quality brand name home improvement products at low direct prices. We take our time, making sure we do quality work that wont break your bank. Let’s be honest, here at Materials Direct USA we are not perfect, unforeseen events happen, as well as occasional mistakes as every home is different. But we see our work through to the end, offering warrantied products and unlimited amount of services. We make sure that you are provided with every last detail written in your contract with top quality performance.

Windows, Doors, Kitchens, Baths, Siding, Floors, Roofs, Room Additions, Decks, Sun Rooms, Design and Installation.

We offer all of these products along with great customer service and satisfaction. Don’t believe us, call us today for information on our referrals and consumer testimonials.

We understand HOME IMPROVEMENT can be a dreaded topic of discussion but RELAX and let us take care of the hard work. It’s what we are good at.

Feel free to share contractor horror stories or ask questions and comment.

Materials Direct USA believes strongly in local commerce and community awareness, offering highly rated Eco-frienldy USA made products.


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